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  • What bike lock do I need?
  • Your bike must be locked through the frame and any quick release wheels and to a fixed, immovable object that the bicycle cannot be lifted under or over. You must use a nominated lock which is specified in the ‘Sold Secure’ list of bicycle locks, which is appropriate to the insured value of the Bicycle, as shown in the table below:

    Bicycle Value
    Lock Type
    Under £1,000
    Sold Secure SILVER rated lock or higher
    £1,000 and over
    Sold Secure GOLD rated lock
    We must see evidence you have used a ‘Sold Secure’ Lock in the event of a claim for theft where the insured bicycle was left unattended away from your home. This will include original dated purchase receipt detailing the make and model of the lock and/or any other proof of purchase and ownership that can be supplied.
  • What value should I insure my cycle(s) for?
  • The value should be based on one of the following:
    • The price in GBP which you paid to purchase a new or second-hand bicycle including any parts which you purchased and which form part of your bicycle (inc VAT);
    • the price in GBP which you paid to purchase new or second-hand bicycle accessories;
    • for vintage or antique bicycles and accessories, the sum shown in any valuation you provide to us, provided that such valuation is less than three years old and has been provided by a vintage bicycle retailer or other suitably qualified valuation expert;
    • the undiscounted replacement cost for a bicycle which when purchased as new benefited from a discount;
    • for custom-builds, the price paid for the parts excluding labour costs.
  • How can I switch my cycle insurance to Protectmybike?
  • Its very quick and easy to switch your cycle insurance to us. Just follow the steps below:
    1. Get a quote – Get a fully tailored quote from us in seconds. If you like what you see and want to switch to us then great, we’d love to have you.
    2. Inform your current cycle insurer that you want to cancel and find out when your policy with them will cease. Most insurers allow you to cancel at any point during the policy term by providing a period of notice (normally 30 days). If you have paid your premium upfront for the year, then you will normally get a pro rata refund of your remaining premium (although check with your insurers to see if there are any fees for doing this).
    3. Once you've given notice and got your quote from us then you can purchase the policy for us and you can specify the start date of your policy to commence on the expiry of your existing policy, so you don’t have any break in cover.
    You can give notice to your existing cycle insurer by either calling them or sending an email to their customer service team. If you refer to your policy documents, it will give you all the information you need on how to cancel and what their refund policy may be.
  • Can I pay monthly?
  • Yes, of course. We believe in giving you complete control and flexibility. So you can pay monthly or annually, whichever you prefer. If you do choose to pay monthly we do not charge any additional fees or make you enter or sign a credit agreement.
  • What happens after I’ve purchased my policy?
  • Firstly, welcome! It’s great to have you and we are delighted you have chosen to insure your bike with Protectmybike.co.uk.

    To give you the best experience and full control over your policy with us, we allow you to manage everything online quickly and easily through our PMB Dashboard. Simply login using the same registration details you used when you purchased the policy. The main things you may need to do are as follows:
    1. Login to the PMB Dashboard
    2. Upload pictures of your bikes and any accessories you want us to cover
    3. Upload proofs of ownership of those items such as purchase receipts etc
    4. Upload pictures and proof of ownership of your Silver or Gold Rated Sold Secure lock
    All this will help to keep everything in one place for you and will expedite any potential future claim, which means we can get you back riding as quickly as possible.

    Why not invite your friends? We will give you a £10 policy credit that can be used towards your annual renewal for each friend you refer who then take out a policy with us. Just grab your unique referral code from your dashboard and share it with your pals. Simple as that! You can refer as many friends as you want and so you could even end up paying nothing for your policy at renewal!
  • What is the ‘cooling off’ period and when can I cancel?
  • When you purchase a policy with Protectmybike.co.uk, we want to make sure you are 100% happy. So, if for any reason you are not, and you want to cancel your policy, then you can do so anytime within the first 14 days from the commencement date and we will give you a full refund of your premium (providing no claim has been made or is pending).

    You can also cancel your policy at any time during the period of insurance by providing 30 days’ notice. If you have paid your premium in full then we will calculate a pro-rata refund of the premium for the remaining portion of the period of insurance less an administration fee of £20 to reflect the costs of us arranging and cancelling the policy (provided you have not made a claim or have a pending claim).

    If you are paying monthly, then your final payment will be calculated on a pro rata basis based on the day notice to cancel was received by us. For example, if you provide notice on the day your monthly premium is charged then you will not be required to pay any additional payment.

    To cancel your policy please contact us by email at customer@protectmybike.co.uk
  • What information do you ask for when purchasing?
  • We try and make it as quick and painless as possible when purchasing your policy. The main information you will need to provide to us is as follows:
    1. Details of the cycle(s) you want to insure including value, make and model
    2. Your personal details including name, address and contact details
    3. We ask you to confirm you have read the policy documents and that you meet the eligibility conditions of the policy
    4. Your payment details to process your payment securely
    That’s pretty much it… It should take no longer than a few minutes to complete the process and set up your policy. If you have any questions or need any help just let us know through the online chat or by emailing us at customer@protectmybike.co.uk.
  • Am I eligible to purchase the policy?
  • In order to purchase a policy from us you must meet the eligibility conditions of the policy which are as follows:
    • You must be aged 18 or over at the time of purchasing this insurance and have accepted and understood the Approved Lock requirements;
    • You must be the owner of the bicycle(s);
    • You must be resident in the United Kingdom
    • In the past year (in the 12 months prior to purchase) you must not have made more than two bicycle related claims;
    • You must have no unspent criminal convictions (other than motoring offences);
    • there must be no existing damage to the bicycle and accessories at the time you purchase the policy; and
    • if you are insuring an electric bike (ebike) it must adhere the relevant UK legislation and rules for ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’ (EAPC’s).
  • Do you cover more than one bike on a policy?
  • Yes, we can cover yours and your family’s bikes, up to a maximum of 5 bikes per policy, which will automatically include your multi-bike discount of 25% on your total bike premium. Please note the maximum combined value of all bikes under one policy cannot exceed £30,000.
  • What is classed as an accessory?
  • Our definition of accessory is any bicycle-related equipment which are not essential to its operation owned by you and used in conjunction with the bicycle(s) listed on the schedule, including but not limited to helmets, shoes, jerseys or vests, base layers, gilets, glasses & goggles, jackets, shorts, trousers, wetsuits, backpacks, helmet mounted cycling cameras, cycling computers, cycling GPS units, lights, spare wheels, cycle luggage, cycling tools, cycling armour guards and locks.
  • Can I include cycle(s) owned by my family?
  • Yes, you can include any cycles owned by family members as defined under the policy and provided they live at the same address.
  • Do I have to let you know if I change my cycle during the period of insurance?
  • Yes, we will need to know the new make and model of all bicycles you wish to insure. If there is an increase in the value of the bicycle your premium may also change. You can also update the details within your dashboard section.
  • How do I refer a friend?
  • Simple! We will give you a £10 policy credit that you can redeem against your annual renewal for each friend you refer who subsequently takes out a policy with us, up to a maximum of £50. Just grab your unique referral code from your PMB dashboard and share it with your pals by email or through your social media accounts. Simple as that!

    The referral credits will be added to your PMB account once any of your friends have purchased a policy (and provided they do not cancel within the first 14 days). Any referral credits in your PMB account will then automatically be applied as a credit off your annual renewal price. You can check your referral credits in your PMB dashboard at anytime.

    Please click here to view the full terms and conditions.
  • Do you provide cover for couriers or other trade and business purposes?
  • No. The policy does not cover any claims relating to the use of the bicycle for any trade or business purposes (excluding commuting to and from a place of work), hire, reward, courier use or the carriage of paying passengers.


  • Do I need ‘Race Cover’ when entering bicycle charity events or sportive?
  • No. the Race Cover is only applicable if a winner is selected during an organised event and you are participating in. If you intend to take part in road racing, time trials, or other competitive events then Race Cover would be required. Please note that you don’t need to select this cover if you are intending to participate in sportives or charity events.
  • What does Public Liability cover you for?
  • We will pay up to in total £3 million in any one year in total for any claim or series of claims made against you or a member of your family from any one event or one source or original cause for which you are legally liable that occur in the territorial limits as result of:
    • Accidental bodily injury or death to any person, or
    • Accidental damage to third party property not belonging to you or in your custody or control, which arises from your or your family’s use or ownership of the bicycle.
    The total amount payable includes reasonable legal defence costs and expenses incurred by you or your family and agreed with our written consent. You and your family are covered for costs and expenses that are not recoverable elsewhere including other insurance policies.
  • Can I get cover to compete in races?
  • Absolutely! If you plan to take part in any competitive races such as time trials, road races, triathlons, mountain bike races etc, then you can purchase the additional race cover. This covers your race entry fees in the event you are not able to compete due to a range of covered circumstances as outlined in the policy document. In addition, we also cover your clothing up to £200, and theft of the bicycle whilst left unlocked or unattended in the race transition area. The only time you would not be covered is when you’re getting paid an appearance fee or salary to participate.
  • Do I need to tell you if I’m taking my cycle abroad?
  • No, however you will need to make sure you have purchased the additional Overseas Cover to your policy. You can add this on to your policy at anytime during the period of insurance through the PMB dashboard. This extends cover under the policy worldwide (Excluding Cuba, Iran & North Korea) for up to 30 days or 60 days depending on which option you select.
  • What is covered under Personal Accident?
  • If, you are unfortunate enough to have an accident whilst riding your bicycle and you sustain accidental bodily injury which results in death or disablement then we will pay you the appropriate benefit as detailed in your policy schedule based on the level of Personal Accident cover you have purchased. This can range from £2,500 to £20,000 depending on the nature of the injury and the level of cover selected.
  • What does the ‘Replacement Bicycle Hire’ cover?
  • In the event your bicycle is stolen or damages and cannot be used we will pay for the reasonable cost of the hire of an alternative bicycle. The bicycle must be hired from a recognised and reputable bicycle dealer for the period that you are awaiting repair or replacement of your bicycle, which is the subject of a claim under the policy.


  • How do you settle claims?
  • Firstly, we try and make all claims as simple and as stress free as possible. Our experienced claims handlers will work closely with you to get you back riding as quickly as possible. In the event of accidental damage or theft of your bike then there are typically three ways in which we can settle a claim:
    1. Repair - If there is damage to your bike, which is repairable, then we will arrange for the bike to be repaired by our specialist repairers. In that instance we will arrange to collect your bike and will deliver it back to you when its fixed.
    2. Replacement - If we need to replace your bike (when it is stolen or damaged beyond economic repair) then we will replace it with an equivalent one that matches the specification of your original bike as closely as possible up to the value of the sum insured. Typically, our claims handler will send you various replacement options that you can review and consider, making sure you are happy with the specification of your replacement bike. We maintain an extensive database of all bikes, makes and models and components so that we can identify an appropriate replacement quickly.
    3. Cash or voucher - We offer you a cash settlement that is normally provided in the form of a voucher that can be redeemed at various retailers for you to select the bike you want, or we may even offer you a cash settlement so that you can go to your local retailer.
  • How much is the excess?
  • Section
    Bike Cover
    £50 or 5% of claim value whichever is greater (Maximum of £500 Excess)
    Personal Accident
    Public Liability
    £50 or 5% of claim value whichever is greater (Maximum of £500 Excess)
    Racing & Competitons
    £50 or 5% of claim value whichever is greater (Maximum of £500 Excess)
    Replacement Bicycle Hire
    Overseas Cover
    As Above
    The excess is payable per claim
  • How do I make a claim?
  • To make a claim visit our Claims page for further information or log into your dashboard. We endeavour to deal with all claims as quickly and easily as possible.
  • What evidence of ownership is required?
  • This can include items such the original purchase receipt, invoice or other evidence which clearly demonstrates ownership. This may include but is not limited to bank and credit card statements, dealer valuation etc. The evidence should clearly show date, price paid and details of the cycle, accessories and approved lock.


  • My policy is due for renewal. What do I need to do?
  • Renewing your policy is quick and easy. If you have not opted out of auto-renewal then your policy will automatically renew on your renewal date. You will receive a renewal invitation 1 month before your renewal date showing your new annual premium and the terms and conditions. It will also show you if there have been any changes to the premium. You can then fully manage your renewal online by logging in to the PMB Customer Dashboard. You can either accept your renewal, decline your renewal or make changes to your renewal quote. If you do nothing, and you have not opted out of auto renewal, then your policy will automatically renew on the renewal date as per the policy terms and conditions. So if for any reason you choose not to renew then you must either decline the renewal invitation and/or opt out of auto-renewal. We will use the existing payment details we have on file to process your renewal. If you pay monthly then your premium will continue to be paid monthly. If you pay annually then we will take the full annual payment due on the renewal date. You can also amend your payment preferences and payment details quickly and easily online through the PMB Customer Dashboard. If you have any questions or need any assistance with your renewal then please contact our customer service team at customer@protectmybike.co.uk and we will be happy to help. After your policy renews, you have 14 days when you can cancel it for no fee. Providing no claims have been made or are pending, we will return your payment in full. Please refer to the policy document for cancellation terms outside the initial 14 days.
  • How do I opt-out of auto-renewal?
  • As per the policy terms and conditions all policies are set up on an auto renewal basis, meaning we will automatically renew your policy each year. However, you can opt out of auto renewal at any point. Simply log into the PMB Customer Dashboard to manage your auto renewal preferences. Alternatively, you can also contact us at customer@protectmybike.co.uk and we will be happy to help. Please note, if you opt out of auto renewal then we will not be able to renew your policy unless you accept the renewal invitation. We will send you a renewal invitation 1 month prior to your renewal date and if you would like cover to remain in place you will need to log in to the PMB Customer Dashboard to accept the renewal invitation.